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Apple Watch Series 6 to Feature Blood Oxygen Monitoring


Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Jul 31, 2020 in Apple Watch, News

DigiTimes report claims that Apple will be including a blood oxygen sensor on the Apple Watch Series 6. This will allow the wearable to track the blood oxygen levels of the wearer.

While the Apple Watch leaks have been far and few this year, we have heard from multiple sources now that the upcoming wearable from Apple will feature blood oxygen monitoring along with other mental-health focused improvements. This was further corroborated by code found in internal iOS 14 builds that hinted this feature.

The report also states that Apple’s supplier ASE Technology has managed to win the majority of Apple Watch Series 6 orders from the company this year.

The Apple Watch won’t be the first wearable to the market to feature blood oxygen level monitoring. Fitbit already offers this feature in some of its wearables and so does Garmin. However, the Apple Watch Series 6 is likely going to trump them with better user experience and what Apple will be able to achieve with that data. Apple could also use the blood oxygen level data on the Apple Watch Series 6 to offer a more enriched sleep tracking data.

The addition of blood oxygen level monitoring in Apple Watch will also come at a useful time as the world is in the middle of an ongoing coronavirus pandemic which ends up causing breathing issues in many affected people. The oxygen saturation level is generally above 95% in healthy adult and Apple could automatically inform users when the level drops below that so that they can seek timely medical help.

Apple will announce the new Apple Watch Series 6 alongside the iPhone 12 lineup later this year. The Cupertino company confirmed at its earnings call yesterday that the iPhone 12 launch will be delayed by a few weeks, so the Apple Watch will likely also see a delayed release.

[Via DigiTimes]

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