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Samsung’s rumored Galaxy S21 may not include charger or headphones – CNET


A render of the Galaxy S21.


Samsung’s social media recently mocked Apple’s decision to not include a charger or earphones in the box with the recent iPhone 12. Now reports indicate the electronics giant may follow suit with its next flagship lineup in 2021. 

Tech site SamMobile on Tuesday detailed rumors that Samsung may cut the charger and corded earphones from the package for the next Galaxy product — which could either be called the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30. There’s also a chance Samsung removes the earphones from the box and ships the rumored phone with a charger only, according to SamMobile, citing Korean media reports.

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Apple cited environmental concerns for its cuts, saying the change will help reduce electronic waste. You can still buy a separate Apple power adapter for $19 to charge your iPhone, though there are lots of alternatives.

Samsung did charge extra for a faster charger for previous phones, but still included the basic one in the box. 

Samsung didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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