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Apple Could be Forced to Include a Power Adapter with the iPhone 12 in Brazil


Apple drew flak for ditching wall charger and EarPods on new iPhones. The company claimed to do so for environmental reasons. However, the claim is superficial as one would need to buy a separate wall charger as new iPhones come with USB-C to Lightning connector. Now the Brazilian authorities have asked Apple on why new iPhones are sold without a charger.

Apple responded and informed that there are many devices in the world, and new chargers are not used. Therefore, Apple claims to have stopped bundling chargers to help reduce carbon emissions and e-waste.

It seems like Brazilian authorities are not convinced. Their response reads as follows,

Apple does not demonstrate in its response that the use of old adapters cannot compromise the charging process and safety of the procedure, nor that the use of third-party chargers will not be used as a refusal for eventual repair of the product during the legal or contractual warranty.

The authorities also pointed out that there is a problem with the way product is marketed. Typically, a consumer would expect smartphones to be bundled with a charger, and Apple has not done a satisfactory job informing the consumers of the same.

It is inconsistent to sell the device unaccompanied by the charger, without reviewing the value of the product and without presenting a plan for collecting old devices, recycling etc. The chargers must be made available to consumers who order them ”- Fernando Capez, director Procon-SP.

Brazilian authorities agreed Apple had informed consumers about removing chargers from the box. However, they also pointed out how Apple failed to “demonstrate this environmental gain.” Furthermore, authorities remarked about the lack of reverse logistics for collecting old devices and adapters for recycling.

Our Take

Procon-SP is currently reviewing Apple’s conduct. In case of any violations, the company will be fined and may have to bundle chargers on future iPhones. Apple already includes EarPods in France as mandated by local laws.

[via Procon-SP]

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