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LG Won’t Manufacture LCD Screens for iPhone Anymore


LG has apparently given up on making smartphones. The company has also given up on manufacturing LCD screens for iPhone.

LG and Samsung were once rivals when it came to manufacturing screens for iPhones. Competition between the suppliers was neck-to-neck, but things changed when Apple moved to OLED displays with iPhone X. LG was late to realize the transition, and up until then, Samsung was the sole supplier of OLED screens for iPhone. iPhone 12’s OLED display is provided by both LG and Samsung.

Now, a new report from TheElec states that LG Displays has abandoned any plans of making LCD screens for iPhone. TheElec says that the company stopped the production in the third quarter of last year only, and now has abandoned all plans of manufacturing it in the future.

LG Display has halted production of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels for iPhones, TheElec has learned […] LG Display halted iPhone LCD production at its AP3 line at Gumi in the third quarter. The line also stopped making panels for other phones as well in the fourth quarter.

The report states that making LCD screens for Apple has proven to be “low in profitability” for the company. And, with Apple shifting to OLED from LCD with this year’s iPhone 12 lineup, LCD business is only expected to go down.

The last iPhone that used an LCD display was the 2020’s iPhone SE, and even those screens were supplied by JDI and Sharp. LG tried to supply LCD for the iPhone SE but failed in acquiring the order.

The report, moreover, states that the factory will now be used to supply display panels for cars. With the upcoming Apple Car, and the whole electric car ecosystem growing, LG might land an order for Apple’s Car. LG is the market leader in automobile displays of nine inches or larger.

With LG wrapping up its LCD business, it may seem like Apple short of LCD suppliers. But that isn’t the case, Japan Display and Sharp are expected to supply LCD for iPhones manufactured this year.

[Via TheElec]

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