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Google Messages could soon get a revamped tablet UI and handy new feature


Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

What you need to know

  • Google Messages may be preparing a new tablet experience.
  • The updated UI will keep a list of conversations on one side and the current message thread on another side.
  • Google Messages will also bring new cross-device messaging capabilities.

Google has been hard at work making Google Messages as useful as possible as a messaging app. The latest update hints at upcoming features that will arrive for the application, mostly aimed at tablets.

XDA-Developers dove into the latest version of Google Messages and discovered a string that will enable a split-screen view. This will keep the list of message threads on the left side of the display while displaying the current message on the right side. This should help make it easier to navigate the app when using any of the best Android tablets, letting users easily jump between threads. It’s not unlike how iMessage functions on Apple tablets like the iPad Pro (2020).

Source: XDA-Developers

Another feature arriving on the app is already available on Samsung-branded tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. This feature allows tablets to send texts or make calls through a paired phone. This could be particularly useful for tablets with their own cellular number or connection, as it will allow users to send messages from their tablets while using the same number as their phone, so long as it’s paired.

The feature is dubbed Call and Message Continuity. It appears Google Messages may bring this feature to more Android devices for a more consistent experience across the platform.

Given that these features were discovered in the latest version of Google Messages, it could be only a matter of time before they arrive on more tablets and devices.

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