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Nokia doesn’t know it’s 2021, brings ‘smart’ Nokia 2720 to Verizon for $80


Nokia’s Android phones may not be the best Android phones on the block, but the HMD Global’s been dabbling in reviving old form factor. It’s relaunching the Nokia 2720 Flip 4G with Verizon by the end of this month. As with all Nokia and Verizon phones, the name will be tweaked a bit. It’ll be the Nokia 2720 V Flip 4G.

The Nokia 2720 is a fairly old phone at this point; it was initially announced alongside the Nokia 7.2 back in 2019, but one of the benefits of flip phones is a certain timelessness. You’re not buying this to keep up with Mr. and Mrs. Jones, you’re making a deliberate choice to be retro and restrained, or you just long for simpler times. Whatever the reason, a market still exists for these kinds of phones.

That’s also probably why Verizon feels comfortable releasing this phone in 2021. Sure, it’s old, it’s very T9 and not very Gboard, and you can kiss TikTok and Clubhouse goodbye, but that’s not what you want this for. You still have WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Snake. For clear voice calls or use as a hotspot, there’s 4G available. The whole thing is powered by KaiOS, which Google is heavily invested in expanding in developing markets.

If you’re interested in picking this one up, it’ll be landing on Verizon on May 20th for $80. Should you not be able to contain your excitement, you can pick the non-Verizon models up from other places.

Nokia 2720 Flip 4G

For those who want something simple that can still keep you connected, the Nokia 2720 might be the phone for you. Best of all, you can relive the good-ole days by dramatically slamming the phone shut to hang up on your recipients. If you can’t wait for the Nokia 2720 to land on Verizon, it remains available at all the usual places you can buy flippy boi phones.

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