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iPhone 13 Could Feature Bigger Charging Coil for Reverse Wireless Charging


A new iPhone 13 rumor claims that Apple will include bigger wireless charging coils on it. This will help with better heat dissipation, faster wireless charging speeds, and possibly reverse wireless charging.

Apple has been rumored to add reverse wireless charging to iPhones for a few years now. iPhone 12 teardown and FCC listings revealed that the lineup indeed has the ability to reverse wireless charge AirPods Pro and newer Apple Watch models, though the feature was not activated. iFixit also found hardware related to reverse wireless charging in its iPhone 11 Pro teardown.

Apple is rumored to include stronger magnets on the iPhone 13 series for a better MagSafe experience. The bigger wireless charging coil could help with this improved MagSafe system. Additionally, as mentioned, the bigger charging coil will help with heat dissipation. Apple could also use the bigger charging coil to further bump the wireless charging speeds on the iPhone 13 series.

The iPhone 12 series can wirelessly charge at a maximum speed of 15W, though it requires MagSafe-based accessories for that. When charged via a wire, the charging speeds cap out at 20W.

Many flagship Android phones already feature reverse wireless charging, which comes in handy to charge smaller accessories like Bluetooth earbuds, smartwatches, etc. Even if the iPhone 13 does come with reverse wireless charging, it will only be useful every once in a while when you are traveling.

A Bloomberg report from earlier this year does state that iPhones are unlikely to gain reverse wireless charging.

Apple is rumored to include reverse wireless charging on the 2022 iPad Pro. With its bigger battery, reverse wireless charging on the iPad Pro makes more sense than on the iPhone.

Do you think Apple should bring reverse wireless charging to its iPhone lineup? How do you think it will be a useful feature to have on a daily basis?

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